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Why Speedy VPN Is A Savior In The Era Of No Net Neutrality

Since every information, game or movie is now accessible with few touch, click and swipes, no one predicted the era of Net Neutrality was coming to a shutdown. That means no free Netflix WhatsApp and Facebook. Imagine you have to pay to use services which are meant to be free.

Let’s break down Net Neutrality first. The chairman of United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ‘Ajit Pai’ voted 3-2 on 14th December 2017, to revoke majority of the regulations designed to stop Internet Service Providers ISPs from discriminating against different kinds of online traffic on the internet.


To understand the dynamics more precisely, take Portugal, a country working under net neutrality rules is facing a negative blow with ISPs. How? Portugal’s network carrier Meo entails users to pay extra for Apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Snapchat. To enjoy each app, you have to pay an extra $4.99 to your regular data plan which is hindering infant businesses as they won’t have the resources to pay providers to enhance their content to the top. Possibly reduce internet traffic.

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For Americans this decision will be a major let down since the only freedom they have will be snatched from them. At least for the time being though. Then again, the internet is a whole new dimension when it comes to its uses, not to mention a business that makes billions in transactions every year.

After this law passes, the traffic on the internet will cease and many companies will force to shut down. But did it ever occur to you that whenever such law is imposed to restrict online browsing, people usually find ways to bypass online restriction. Same way the internet will not die and can still be made accessible. How? A Speedy VPN will be the shining armor to counter “No Net Neutrality.”


Virtual Private Network (VPN) service allows you to easily bypass content restrictions made by internet providers most of the time. What a VPN does is it shifts your geo-location allowing you to hide your IP address making you anonymous in the online world. VPN acts as a privacy tool which prevents your ISP from knowing what you do online since a VPN makes your online activities encrypted.

Those who have opted for mobile plans are the ones who will take most of the hits when it comes to net neutrality. Taking Guatemala for example, people will start keeping two SIM cards in order enjoy Facebook on one phone and WhatsApp on another because the data plan will get used up quick due to being expensive. If you try to use other apps than you’ll have to pay more.


Internet has become a utility that is as important as the oxygen you need to breathe. Nowadays since everything is done online, it’s impossible to find or seek jobs without the internet. A big sum of people aren’t connected over the internet due to its increasing price. Now imagine with the extinction of net neutrality and increasing internet costs, the number may increase leading to the digital stone age era. There are many more in the world who use public computers and equipment just to pass and receive quality education, whereas some still use public Wi-Fis because they can’t afford to pay for it to access it. Yet FCC wants to make it more expensive.

Either you call a sit in protests or you start using a speedy VPN to bypass the No Net Neutrality. As in this digital age you cannot restrict what’s a necessity.






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